The group welcomes applications from interested and enthusiastic individuals to pursue short-term research, Ph.D and Post-Doctoral research who have excellent academic background either in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Computational sciences, or Meteorology.

Candidates are expected to have a decent knowledge (applicable for all candidates), and experience (applicable only for Post-Doc candidates) in at least one of the following fields: Physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, remote sensing of the Earth system, numerical modelling and data-analysis. The successful candidates will be able to work closely with a team of national and international scientists on interdisciplinary aspects of the Earth System Science. They will be able to demonstrate their work at various national and international conferences.

1. Ph.D Positions

Candidates who have qualified CSIR-JRF/UGC-NET are eligible to get funding from the institute. Please email your CV and the statement of research interest (Not more than 500 words).

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2. Post-Doctoral Positions

Please email your CV, the statement of your research interest, and the abstract of your Ph.D thesis mentioning the year of your Ph.D award.
Candidates, who have their fellowships (e.g. INSPIRE Faculty, DST-Young Scientist, CSIR, UGC Post-doc, SERB etc.) are preferred for Post-Doc positions.

Call for Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) position

3. Project Positions

Call for Junior Research Fellow (JRF) position

Please email your CV along with research experience , if any.

4. Summer Interns

Students interested in Greenhouse gas studies can contact us by email.
For more details regarding summer internship and hostel accomodation, follow the link: internship@iiserb

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch by email at

For more details on the research we do, please visit this page.