Brief description

Accurate quantification of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases (GHGs) is required in order to monitor efforts at emission reduction. India, with its vast coastal areas and the highest mountain range, is one among a few countries that is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Jointly with the Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPG-BGC), Germany, a Max-Planck Partner Group has been established at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal, India, with the aim to bring in significant advancement and innovation in terms of development and integrated GHG monitoring system for India.

Relevance and expected benefits

The main objectives of this workshop, on the theme “Top down estimation of Regional GHG sources and sinks constrained by Atmospheric observations & modeling and their Concurrent Evaluation over India” (TRACE-i), is to initiate collaborative research, establish a coordinated research framework and outline concrete and research oriented plans in terms of developing an integrated GHG monitoring system for India. We will also use this platform to set up definite targets to train young scientists within the scope of this project under the guidance of modeling, measurements and remote sensing experts from India and abroad. As a by-product, we expect the workshop to enhance scientific networking, which would further enhance the exchange of ideas and skills/tools, and coordinate future collaborations.

March 12-14

IISER Bhopal

Registration Deadline March 09, 2018

International Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Martin Heimann

(MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany)

Dr.Christoph Gerbig

(MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany)

Dr.Julia Marshall

(MPI-BGC, Jena, Germany)

Dr. Michel Ramonet


Speakers from Indian institutes

Dr.Yogesh Tiwari

(IITM, Pune)

Dr. Vinayak Sinha

(IISER, Mohali)

Dr. Indira

(CMMACS, Bangalore)

Dr. P Swathi

(CMMACS, Bangalore)

Dr. C S Jha

(NRSC ISRO, Hyderabad)

Dr. Manish Naja

(ARIES, Nanital)

Expected participants

5 scientists from Germany, USA & other countries
10 scientists from the Indian institutions other than IISER-Bhopal
~20 scientists from IISER-Bhopal
~25 students (Ph.D. and Masters) from IISER-Bhopal

Event Schedule

  • Day 1: Open to all Registered participants
  • Day 2 For & 3: Closed session, Max Planck partner group only

Workshop Partners


Contact Us

Dr. Dhanyalekshmi K. Pillai

Assistant Professor
Head, Max Planck Partner Group
Room No: 25, AB 2
Phone No: +91 755 669 1379


Max Planck Partner Group Project Fellow
Lab No:16, AB 2
Phone No: +91 7617290872

Sai Arun Dharmik

Max Planck Partner Group Project Fellow
Lab No:16, AB 2
Phone No: +91 8500515695

Yadu S

MS Project Student
Lab No:16, AB 2
Phone No: +91 7034891118

Event Location

Visitor's Hostel, IISER Bhopal,
Bhopal Bypass Road, Bhauri,Bhopal 462066- Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 755 669 1379