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Welcome to the Functional Materials Lab. Research in our lab covers: synthesis of small organic molecules and polymers, fabrication of nanomaterials (nanoparticles/ hybrids/ composites), their detailed characterization (microscopy, crystallography), surface functionalization and applications in optics and biology.

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icon Porous Materials

Porous organic polymers (POPs) have become an appealing field of research owing to their promising applications in various technological fields. POPs with high surface areas have been used mostly in gas storage, separation and heterogeneous catalysis. Of late, combination of porosity and π-conjugation leads to the development of the field of conjugated microporous organic polymers (CMPs). Such π-conjugated porous materials possess immense potential in various optoelectronic and biological applications ranging from energy storage, tunable emission and light harvesting to chemo and biosensors.

icon Nanomaterials

Physical substances with at least one characteristic dimension between 1-100 nm can be defined as nanomaterials. Nanomaterials properties can differ from those of the same materials with micron- or mm-scale dimensions. Nanomaterials are the building blocks of practical nanotechnology and can be physically and chemically manipulated for specific applications.

icon Optical Materials

Fluorescent organic materials are playing an important role in scientific research owing to their potential applications in the fields of sensors, switches, optoelectronic materials and imaging. Environment sensitive fluorescent molecules with high photostability and quantum yield are of increasing demand. Fluorescence-based sensing and imaging probes have received significant attention owing to their excellent sensitivity and spatiotemporal resolution. Detection in aggregated or solid states, as well as in solution, is particularly important for real-time applications.

You can find us on Lab 310 & 311, Department of Chemistry, IISER Bhopal INDIA.

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