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July 2017 - Our start-up on "Protein Labeling Technologies" won the BIRAC-BIG grant for translation of our IP to products.

July 2017 - Congratulations Srinivasa, Purushottam, and Mahesh! Your discoveries shaped our start-up on "Protein Labeling Technologies".

July 2017 - Welcome to our new Ph.D. student, Shashank Sancheti.

July 2017 - Welcome Lalkrishnan, Unnikrishnan, and Dona. All the best for your BS-MS project.

July 2017 - Goodbye Mrudula and Pranav. Great to have you this summer. All the best for your future endeavors.

May 2017 - Congratulations Srinivasa for excellent performance in viva-voce examination!

April 2017 - Srinivasa submitted his thesis titled, "Single-site labeling of native proteins".

February 2017 - Mahesh and Purushottam published their work on "Site-selective labeling of native proteins by a multicomponent approach". Congratulations!

February 2017 - Srinivasa completed his open seminar on Feb 7, 2017. Congratulations!

January 2017 - Purushottam, Srinivasa, and Mahesh published their work on "Chemoselective and site-selective peptide and native protein modification enabled by aldehyde auto-oxidation". Congratulations!

December 2016 - The group filed a patent on "Hemiaminal-tag for protein labeling and purification". Congratulations Purushottam!

December 2016 - Vishal delivered an invited talk at preICOS Conference, IISER Bhopal on "Reactivity and selectivity in chemical modification of un-engineered proteins".

December 2016 - Srinivasa and Purushottam discussed their work on "Selectivity of organic reactions in protein modification" (P) and "Competition of α-amine and ε-amine in chemical modification of proteins" (P) at preICOS Conference, IISER Bhopal.

November 2016 - The group filed an international patent on "Multi-functional chemical agents for protein modification".

November 2016 - Mahesh and Datta discussed their work on "Chemo- and site-selective modification of native proteins using aldehyde auto-oxidation and multicomponent approaches" (O) and "Single-site labeling of native proteins" (P) at XIIth J-NOST in CDRI Lucknow.

October 2016 - Mahesh and Datta discussed their work on "Making a single residue react in the protein backbone" (O) and "Single-site histidine modification of native proteins" (P) at Interactions in IISER Bhopal.

September 2016 - The group filed another patent on "Site-selective protein labelling and synthesis of homogeneous protein conjugates". Great job Mahesh and Purushottam!

August 2016 - Welcome to our new Ph.D. student, Kalyani Thakur.

July 2016 - Congratulations Mrityunjay and Sruthy for successful completion of your summer project.

June 2016 - Welcome Mrityunjay and Sruthy to the group. All the best wishes for your summer project.

March 2016 - The group filed its first patent on "Multi-functional chemical agents for protein modification". Great job Srinivasa!

December 2015 - Pralhad, Purushottam and Nirmal developed a promiscuous protein based catalyst that demonstrates efficient nucleophilic biocatalysis in oligomeric state. Great job guys.

December 2015 - Pralhad and Purushottam presented their research work on "Development of methodologies for site-selective protein modification" (O) and "Chemoselective and site-selective formylation of peptides and proteins" (P) at J-NOST in NISER Bhubaneshwar.

November 2015 - OBCL and Invictus Oncology Pvt Ltd signed an MoU for addressing challenges related to antibody drug conjugates and directed therapeutics.

September 2015 - Pralhad, Purushottam and Datta presented their research work on "Nucleophilic biocatalysis in Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction" (O), "Promiscuous catalysis by Lysozyme C assembly" (P) and "Chemoselective reagents for rapid labeling of peptides" (P) in Interactions 2015.

August 2015 - OBCL started a blog site to share concepts at the interface of organic chemistry and bioconjugate chemistry.

August 2015 - Welcome to the new group member, Tularam Sahu. Best wishes for your PhD!

July 2015 - Congratulations Pankaj and Cavya for successful completion of your summer project.

June 2015 - Research contribution: A communication on "Twisted amide electrophiles enable cyclic peptide sequencing" has appeared recently.

June 2015 - Vishal visited TIFR, Mumbai for an invited talk and scientific discussion.

May 2015 - Welcome Pankaj and Cavya to the group. Best wishes for your summer project!

January 2015 - Srinivasa presented his research on "Chemical methods for protein modification" at ISBOC-10, IISER Pune.

December 2014 - Rajesh has been selected for the position of QC officer at Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Many congratulations Rajesh!

November 2014 - Rohith, Srinivasa and Pralhad published their recent work on, "A Phthalimidation Protocol That Follows Protein Defined Parameters". Good job guys!

September 2014 - Congratulations Neelesh for UGC-JRF selection

August 2014 - Srinivasa, Mahesh and Rohith presented their research on "Development of tools for labeling of proteins" (P), "Organometallic complexes for protein modification" (P) and "Chemo- and site-selective protein modification by phthalimidation" (O) in Interactions 2014

August 2014 - Welcome to our new postdoc, Rajesh Paul

August 2014 - Welcome to our new Ph.D. student, Neelesh C Reddy

July 2014 - Recent group contribution: Review on "Small Ring Heterocycles in Multicomponent Reactions", see Chem. Rev. 2014, 114, 8323-8359.

June 2014 - Congratulations Himaja for completing your summer project. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

April 2014 - Congratulations to Prabhanshu Tripathi. He is moving to UFL next semester with Grinter Award.

March 2014 - OBCL set up moves one step ahead with LC-MS-prepLC.

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