IISER Bhopal

Dr. Dhanvir Singh Rana

About the Laboratory

Research in my lab can broadly be divided into two areas, as follows

Terahertz spectroscopic applications in condensed matter:

Investigations of low-energy dynamics and ultrafast functionalities of complex materials is one area of research in my laboratory. We unravel the complexity of materials by studying the low-energy collective excitations such as charge-density-waves, spin waves (magnons and electro-magnons), phonon modes, etc., which fall in the energy range of THz spectroscopy. Currently, our THz spectrometer is equipped with a CCR having temperature range of 5-320 K. A spectrometer with both temperature variation and magnetic field capability of 7 Tesla is being set up. In future, we plan to explore correlated systems using intense THz radiation, THz emission spectroscopy and optical-pump THz probe spectroscopy.

Oxide electronics:

Formation of novel interfaces phases, such as superconductivity or 2 DEG at the interface of heterostructures with insulating constituent layers, and ferromagnetic order and exchange-bias fields at the interface of heterostructures with non-magnetic constituent layers, are indespensible for devising multiple functionalities required for modern data storage and electronic devices. Study of fundamental and applied aspect of such exotic interface magnetic and electronic phases in the nano-scale thin film heterostructures of complex oxides is another area of research in my laboratory.