Aerosol Characterization and receptor modEling Group


My goal as a teacher is to be an initiator of the learning process, helping students identify areas that truly excite them and guiding them through that body of knowledge. The philosophical underpinnings of the integration of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) is in line with my personal convictions of teaching across and at the interface of traditional disciplinary boundaries. I believe that true breakthroughs in our understanding of the Earth system can only come from transcending narrow disciplinary boundaries.

My academic background and training in Chemical Engineering has grounded me in momentum, heat, and mass transfer, in addition to reaction engineering. My doctoral dissertation, and most of the work that I have done since has been in aerosol science and atmospheric sciences. This combination of traditional chemical engineering and its applications to both the atmosphere and larger environmental systems, have deeply influenced my teaching philosophy. I particularly enjoy teaching courses that elucidate the integration of global scale sustainability issues with industry and process scale issues. I also focus on leveraging various tools from a variety of disciplines, to assess and mitigate ‘development’ driven adverse environmental impacts at various spatial scales.

I believe that a very important but often not explicitly recognized element of successful teaching, is good interpersonal relationships between a teacher and students. To me, treating students with respect is of paramount importance. I adopt a mentorship style where I give sufficient help and support in all of their learning endeavors, while allowing them to fail at times to learn from that experience, as well.

Courses Taught