Aerosol Characterization and receptor modEling Group


Welcome to the Aerosol Characterization and receptor modEling (ACE) group in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at IISER Bhopal . The overall research goal of our group is to provide policy relevant inputs for mitigating and managing ambient aerosol induced burden on air quality, health and climate over locations in India. The research expertise of our group lies in the area of receptor modeling for aerosol source apportionment. Thank you for stopping by our page and we do hope you will enjoy exploring it.

We conduct extensive field studies to monitor and measure ambient aerosol physical and chemical properties. These measurements are then used as inputs to several advanced factor analytic models. We are also working on using Bayesian approaches for source apportionment. The output from these models is also used in conjunction with air-parcel trajectory ensembles to identify aerosol source locations and preferred transport pathways. Currently, we are involved in understanding the behavior and sources of ambient aerosols over locations in Central India. The ambiance in our group is welcoming and friendly. While every student is expected to be sincere and hard-working, the learning experience is enjoyable and fun! There are plenty of opportunities to conceive and work on research problems that truly excite you.


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