Aerosol Characterization and receptor modEling Group

Current Members

Research Fellows

Sandeep Devaliya

PhD Student

Thesis Title: Understanding the coupling between ambient aerosols and the hydrological cycle over central India.

Email: sandeep17@iiserb.ac.in

Research Interests: I am interested in exploring and understanding different pathways through which ambient aerosols alter the hydrological cycle and its consequent effects. My hobbies include short-story writing and reading novels.

Alma Mater :MANIT Bhopal, RGTU Bhopal (Civil Engineering)

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Ankur Bhardwaj

PhD Student

Thesis Title: Chemical and optical nature of brown carbon and association between these properties over a location in central India.

Email: ankurb17@iiserb.ac.in

Research Interests: I am interested in understanding Brown Carbon aerosols and their role in climate change. I am associated with the NCAP-COALESCE project and am actively involved in developing methods for regional site identification, in addition to being responsible for managing the field site for aerosol sampling. I am also participating in conducting surveys for carbonaceous aerosol emissions inventory building as a part of the NCAP project. I love to play TT and chess.

Alma Mater : MSc,University of Delhi, Central University of Punjab (Environmental Science & Technology)

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Kajal Yadav

PhD Student

Thesis Title: Distinguishing carbonaceous aerosol sources: use of organic molecular markers, isotopic carbon and thermally fractionated carbon.

Email: kajal18@iiserb.ac.in

Research Interests: My current research work is aimed to understand and to determine organic fraction(water soluble organic compounds,organic carbon) in fine particulate matter to apportion organic carbon sources.
I also have aesthetic inclination in crafting sketches and other abstract art works that imbues life in the soul of an artist within me.

Alma Mater : Ramjas College, University of Delhi (B.Sc.), Banaras Hindu University (M.Sc. in Environmental Science)

Diksha Haswani

PhD Student

Thesis Title: Tracing the Sources of Atmospheric Lead: Insights from PM2.5 Lead Isotopes measured over Central India.

Email: haswani19@iiserb.ac.in

Research Interests: I am engaged in understanding global spatio-temporal variability of Pb isotopes in atmospheric aerosols and attain new insights into its role as a important tracer in various source apportionment studies.Apart from that, I am also exploring optical properties of carbon fraction embedded in ambient aerosols.I am actively involved in sampling as well as analysis of elements in aerosol.

Keeping work aside, I am fond of travelling, cooking, reading novels, watching movies and listening to different genres of music.

Alma Mater : Scottish Church College,University of Calcutta(B.Sc Chemistry) ; University of Pune (M.Sc Environmental Sciences)

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Delwin Pullokaran

PhD Student

Thesis Title: Aerosols and co-pollutant gases from Agricultural activities: Quantification and Transformation.

Email: pullokaran20@iiserb.ac.in

Research Interests: I am interested in the source identification and apportionment of aerosol particles. Understanding the evolution of aerosols and their relationship with climate change. My hobbies include reading books, hiking, and football.

Alma Mater :St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai (BSc. Microbiology/Biochemistry); The Institute of Science, University of Mumbai (MSc. Environmental Science).

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Admin Staff

Shivangi Gupta

Project Assistant (NCAP)

Email: gshivangi@iiserb.ac.in

I am involved in Budgeting and procurement, purchase accounts, maintaining a monthly running expenditure account, obtaining utilization Certificate / statement of expenditure, coordinating with other Institutes in accounts related matters.

Preparing email communication, minutes of meeting, report preparation and coordination with partner Institutes and general administrative work.

Alma Mater : Barkatullah University , Bhopal