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E-Classroom @ IISER Bhopal


IISER Bhopal has set up a Virtual classroom (or E-Classroom) in the Lecture Hall Complex at room L-2 with a seating capacity of 94. The Virtual classroom was inaugurated on 15 March, 2013 by Prof. N. Satyamurthy (IISER Mohali). The room is connected with high speed NKN network & equipped with campus Wi-Fi facility. The project funded by Dept of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt of India enables IISER Bhopal to be connected to all IISER’s, NIT’s, IIT’s across India over NKN in order to share knowledge and provide world-class education to its students.

The Virtual classroom is an advanced learning environment, created using high speed internet, supplicated Video Conferencing devices, and other gadgets to help in classroom teaching. The classroom provides interactive and flexible approaches to e-learning including work based learning & assessments. Additionally, the same technology can also be used for facilitating collaborative discussions across institutes as well as hosting seminars and workshops. The virtual classroom technology ensures that students at remote locations receiving lectures will get the same feel and experience as if they were in the local classroom. The instructor can use all conventional tools and continue to teach the way he/she normally does. The students can ask questions and interact with the instructor as if he/she is present in their classroom. The Virtual classroom concept combines the best hardware and software content and service to deliver new age technology to traditional classroom teaching. The classroom helps the teacher in creating and delivering content digitally in the classroom and over network as well.

The project also aims to develop technology that will enhance the Institute’s e-learning systems. With this technology scientific education gets an added dimension thereby significantly improving the way science is taught in the classroom.