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E-Classroom @ IISER Bhopal

Learning Modes of e-classroom

Local Teaching

This mode is used for local teaching purposes.

Distance Learning

This mode is used when IISER Bhopal (NEAR END) students receive lectures delivered by instructor at FAR END (eg-IISER Mohali,Pune).

Distance Teaching

This mode is used when an instructor at NEAR END addresses students at FAR END.


This mode is used when local discussions take place.


Web Based Video Conferencing

The VidyoPortal is an web-based environment for accessing the functionality of the VidyoConferencing solution. VidyoPortal also enables any user with login credentials to initiate meetings and point-to-point calls. With Vidyo Conferencing, every authorised user has a personal meeting room, and can start a meeting with a single click. Any PC on NKN/public network can access VIDYO portal via web and Install its initial setup and use it to browse, communicate and share data between its associated and registered users. In same way, it can be used to deliver remote lectures too. The same setup can also be used on both ends of a Virtual Class .