22 - 24 Oct 2018

IISER Bhopal

Visitors Hostel Workshop Venue

Bhopal, India

About the Workshop

Dynamics of Ultracold Systems with Embedded Highly-excited Rydberg Atoms

Experiments have now reached a stage, where the detailed investigation of interactions between an assembly of Rydberg atoms and their host cold gas environment have become possible. This led to controlled coupling between localized Rydberg atoms and a Bose-Einstein condensate BEC [1] or observations of dipole-dipole transport through EIT imaging [2] . These concepts could be extended to mobile Rydberg atoms as in [3] [4] . While the precise nature of inelastic Rydberg-background interactions is just now being unravelled [5] [6] , Rydberg atoms frequently are surprisingly undisturbed by their surroundings [3] [4] . Extending the already broad scope of Rydberg atoms for quantum simulations, this further suggests them for the quantum simulation of open systems.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on various aspects of cold Rydberg atomic physics for quantum simulations and quantum impurities in cold gases. While we establish a focus on Rydberg atoms in cold gases and Bose-Einstein condensates, we also include talks on other impurities such as ions and molecules as well as non-cold atom talks on subjects that are the target of future quantum simulations.

The targeted audience are physicists working on the topics above including post-graduate researchers as well as graduate and senior-level physics students. In the framework of the funding guidelines we will mainly make arrangements for invited speakers from India and Germany as well as local researchers, but we encourage additional contributed submissions of posters or talks. For this please use the button above before the Registration deadline 31st August 2018 .

We would be glad to welcome you in Bhopal, where the workshop will take place in the Visitor's Hostel

Confirmed speakers

  • Jan-Michael Rost, MPI-PKS Dresden

    Shannon Whitlock, Strasbourg University

    Thomas Pohl, Aarhus University

    Rejish Nath, IISER Pune

    Kamal Singh, IISER Mohali

    Karen Kheruntsyan, UQ Brisbane

  • Igor Lesanovsky, Nottingham University

    Weibin Li, Nottingham University

    Johannes Hecker-Denschlag, Ulm University

    Alexander Eisfeld, MPI-PKS Dresden

    Sadiq Rangwala, RRI Bengaluru

    Satya Ram Mishra, RRCAT Indore

  • Stefan Scheel, Rostock University

    Robert Löw, Stuttgart University

    Ashok Mohapatra, NISER Bhubaneswar

    Jyotishman Dasgupta, TIFR Mumbai

    Gopal Dixit, IIT Mumbai

    Rick Mukherjee, Imperial College London

  • Antonio Negretti, Hamburg University

    Rahul Pandit, IISC Bangalore

    Umakant Rapol, IISER Pune

    Joseph Hope, ANU Canberra

    Angela White, ANU Canberra

    Kanhaiya Pandey, IIT Guwahati

  • Local Organising Committee

    Sebastian Wüster

    Bhargava Ram Niraghatam

    Sourav Dutta

    Varadharajan Srinivasan