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Homepage for PHY 627 Quantum Engineering
(January 2019 - April 2019)

Instructor: Dr. Phani Kumar

Learning Objectives

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts in quantum computing and quantum sensing.

Course Content

Polarization of light, Photon polarization as a qubit, Quantum key distribution - BB84 protocol, No-cloning theorem, Bloch sphere representation for qubits, Pauli matrices, Qubit manipulation: Rabi oscillations, Single qubit gates and rotations, Two-qubit states, Density operator, Entanglement and its physical realization using exchange and Ising interaction, Reversible and irreversible operations on classical bits, Classical CNOT, SWAP, Toffoli gates and their quantum extensions, Quantum circuits, Constructing Toffoli gates, Measurement gates, Quantum parallelism, Deutsch's algorithm, Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm, Grover's algorithm, DiVincenzo criteria, Quantum sensing, Ramsey magnetometry, Quantum projection noise, Pure dephasing in qubits, Hahn echo, Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond.


  • Stolze & Suter, Quantum Computing: A Short Course from Theory to Experiment, (Wiley, 2008)
  • N. David Mermin, Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction, (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
  • Jones & Jaksch, Quantum Information, Computation and Communication, (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
  • A. J. Leggett et al., Fundamentals of Quantum Information, (Springer, 2002)
  • Michel Le Bellac, A Short Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
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  • C. L. Degen et al., Quantum Sensing, Rev. Mod. Phys., Vol. 89, No. 3, July–September 2017

Course Schedule

  • Lectures: Monday & Tuesday, 9 AM (L11); Thursday, 8 AM (L11)
  • Quiz I: February 4, 9 - 10 AM (L11)
  • Mid-sem: February 24, 3-5 PM (AB3-402)
  • Quiz II: March 25, 9 - 10 AM (L11)
  • End-sem: April 28, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM (L10)

Course Assessment

  • Quizzes I & II, Attendance: 30%
  • Mid-semester Exam: 30%
  • End-semester Exam: 40%

Last Updated: April 24, 2019