Nonlinear dynamics and Chaos

The theory of dynamical systems deals with systems that are evolving with time according to a fixed rule. This fixed rule could be in the form of a differential equation or a difference equation. The solutions to most problems of interest in the theory of dynamical systems are chaotic and, hence, extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Thus, it is often very difficult to find precise solutions to the given problem. However, what one can do is to study the long-time behavior of such systems.

Basic books on Dynamical Systems:

The books by Ott, Baker&Gollub and Strogatz are also very good starting points. For more advanced topics, one is refered to the books by Lichtenberg&Lieberman and Guckenheimer&Holmes.

As for the pre-requisites, someone in the higher semesters of undergraduate study can start reading the above books. However, a study of the following subjects can be very helpful and is also essential to a large extent: The following books are extremely useful for looking up mathematical formulae and doing numerical analysis: Some important papers:

A few important journals in Dynamical Systems: